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The computer elective classes give students the opportunity to create a variety of multimedia projects using the latest software and up-to-date equipment. Students work individually and with others to create animations, videos, music, websites, digital art and more! Technology classes are excellent for improving communication and problem solving skills. Students have fun and learn valuable skills that will benefit them in high school, college and beyond.
Multimedia Projects (Computer Projects) - Use video, animation, music and other media to create projects and games.
Animation (Computer Tech) - Students learn basic actionscript to create interactive animations. An excellent class for preparing students for more advanced programming.
Computer Applications - Improve your knowledge of PowerPoint, Excel, and other essential applications with creative projects.
Home Page - Students learn to write HTML, "the language of the web" and use a variety of software to create their own web pages.
Doug Wartenberg
Doug Wartenberg
Core 6, Video Production, Computer Science
ISTE Technology Standards