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Creating the school yearbook is one of the most rewarding activities a student can be a part of during his or her school years. Not only is it a great responsibility, but it is also a great accomplishment.
Students use a variety of technologies to create the yearbook. These include digital cameras, scanners, computers, and the Internet. The yearbook is created entirely on the Web, so a good understanding of the Internet is helpful. Photography and digital camera experience is also beneficial.
Students in this yearlong elective will complete the project in early April. In addition to creating the yearbook, students will work on other publications and journalism-related projects, including the school calendar.
Students interested in taking this elective should be able to write well, complete assignments on time, work independently, conduct business with a variety of school personnel in a professional manner, and attend school on a regular basis (low rate of absences). Some students will spend a small amount of time after school to complete deadlines. Time outside of class is minimal, and should not be a reason not to apply to be on the staff.
To be selected for this elective class, an application is required, followed by an interview. Teacher recommendations will be taken into consideration when making final selections for the yearbook staff.
Michelle Hamon
Michelle Hamon
AVID 7,8, Core 7, Yearbook