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As a student begins the seventh grade, it is time to start thinking about what sort of academic program is most appropriate. What a student takes in seventh and eighth grade affects course selection in high school, so it is important to consider seventh grade as the beginning of a six-year curriculum at the secondary level of public education.
Parents and students should be aware that course selection should be a good fit for the student’s abilities, work habits, and interests. For example, if a student is not ready for an academic elective such as French or Spanish, then he can wait until ninth grade to begin his study of Foreign Language and still meet the requirements established by the University of California / California State University systems.
Middle school students still need to explore what they are interested in, what they excel at, and what engages them, which is why we have so many elective options available.
IHMS offers electives under the following categories:
Jeanette Brown
Drama & Stagecraft
Heather Raines
Environmental Studies
Shawn Armstrong
Kyle Sprickman
Living Skills
Brian Rouillard
Kris Bradburn
Michelle Hamon