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Science 6
The focus of sixth grade science is Earth science in accordance with California science content standards. Included in this curriculum are the earth’s structures, plate tectonics, the shaping of the earth’s surface and energy in the earth’s system.
In the study of plate tectonics and earth structure, students learn that plate tectonics accounts for important features of the earth’s surface and major geologic events. Student study many phenomena on the earth’s surface and in the atmosphere that are affected by the transfer of energy through radiation and convection currents.
Physical science is integrated through the study of the flow of heat energy. Life science is integrated through the study of ecosystems.
Science 7
This year-long course concentrates on the overarching guiding concept that "natural processes and human activities shape Earth's web of life" (NGSS, CA Science Framework), building new skills, while reinforcing skills acquired in 6th grade science. There is additional emphasis on using the scientific method, designing experiments, communicating scientific information, critical thinking , problem solving and cooperative learning. In depth explorations will be accomplished through hands-on activities and laboratory investigations. Students will research projects, collect and record data, and compile reports utilizing available current technology. Special health related topics are also included in the curriculum: HIV/AIDS/STDS, Adolescence and Puberty.

Science 8

The focus of eighth grade science is physical science in accordance with California science content standards. This course covers units including chemistry, physics, astronomy, and individual investigation and experimentation.
Basic problem solving skills, scientific inquiry and the use of general laboratory equipment will be emphasized.
Environmental Science
Here at Iron Horse, we students are committed to the helping of others. When it comes to our work at school, we have the spirit of the fierceness of a Jaguar! Mr. Armstrong's environmental science class is committed to not just raise awareness, but to take action on protecting the environment. You can do the same! Helping the environment is not hard at all. Explore this website to discover easy and effective ways you can protect our world: Environmental Science
Shawn Armstrong   Env Science and Science 8
  Rimy Dhillon   Science 6
  Sarah Laake   Science 6
  Kyle Sprickman   Science 7
  Garrett Tsang
Science 8
  Kelly Malatesta
Science 7,8