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We are so excited to have you as part of the Iron Horse community. This is going to be a great year whether you are entering your first year here or finishing your third, we are going to learn and grow together in some familiar, and also many new and exciting ways.  We want to emphasize that you are not on your educational journey on your own. This is a community effort.  Our staff is here to support our students and families, as they transition from an elementary student into a high school student. You will often hear our mission statement:  The mission of Iron Horse Middle School is to educate, inspire, and empower students in a safe and equitable learning environment.  We strive every day to get closer to accomplishing our mission. Academics are vital, but we want to support the whole student, meaning that there are social and emotional skills that we will be learning to ensure that you have the tools to begin to understand who you are and what your own needs are while also knowing what it takes to work with peers and adults inside and outside the school building. That support begins with creating a safe environment, which we do together.
Get to know your teachers and don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed. We have a saying here at Iron Horse – “Do not underestimate the POWER of a Jaguar!” One of the ways you can discover your “POWER”  is through strong organizational skills. Organization will be very important as you navigate through your classes on a daily basis. Iron Horse is always looking for ways to support our students in becoming more organized. Iron Horse uses the Schoology website in order to help students accomplish this goal. Both having a planner and using Schoology are highly effective organizational tools that will help your year be a productive one. We REQUIRE all 6th grade students to keep a planner in their backpacks or in their belongings when at school. Your teachers will discuss with you how to best utilize these great resources.  We are going to have an outstanding year together!  We hope you share our enthusiasm in making Iron Horse Middle School the best experience that it can be!
IHMS Administration Team
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