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California Junior Scholarship Federation

Congratulations to all new and returning members of CJSF, California Junior Scholarship Federation.  Please check the CJSF Schoology group page for more information.


Important Dates:

  • CJSF Semester 2 Membership Drive runs from Friday, January 13 through Monday, January 30.  All previous members MUST reapply each semester!

  • Click HERE for the 2022-2023 Semester 2 application link (7th-8th graders).  The link opens on Friday, January 13 at 8:00 a.m. through Monday, January 30 at 9:00 p.m.

  • Friday, May 26 - Semester 2 Volunteer Log is due.  

  • Friday, May 26 - last day to submit dues (Semester 2); dues are paid once a year.


CJSF stands for California Junior Scholarship Federation.  It is the Middle School's version of High School's CSF (California Scholarship Federation).

CJSF is a statewide organization founded for the purpose of fostering high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship in the middle grades.  CJSF emphasizes service to the community while creating pride in scholastic achievement.  Click here to view the CJSF/CSF State Website.

Who is eligible for membership?

7th grade students are eligible to apply in January/February of their 7th grade year after previous Fall semester grades are posted in Infinite Campus.
8th grade students apply in September then again in January/February of their 8th grade year.
6th graders are not eligible to apply.
Students must reapply each semester.

When does CJSF meet?

After school approximately once a month from September through May.  Meeting dates and times will post in the daily announcements and the IHMS Schoology group page.  Please try your best to attend as many meetings as possible.

What are the academic requirements for CJSF?

To qualify for membership each semester, follow these guidelines: 
  • The courses that qualify for membership are Math, Science, English, History/Social Studies.
  • CJSF points are granted as follows:
         A     =         3 points
         B      =      1 point
         C      =      0 points           
          D/F   =      will disqualify membership if received in ANY class.
  • You must earn TWICE the number of points than courses that meet the requirements.

 Example: 4 qualifying courses x 2 = 8, so 8 points are required for the semester.  If you meet this requirement, you are eligible for CJSF membership for that semester only.  Reminder:  all members must reapply EACH semester to maintain membership.


What volunteer work is required?

In addition to the grade requirements above, students are required to complete 5 hours of volunteer service per semester to obtain all benefits of CJSF membership.  Tutoring, coaching, volunteer work at school and within the community can all be counted.  Any service that is not compensated and helps others qualifies. Work can be done at home or at another location.  Be creative, help people & have fun!! The goal is for members to balance their high academic achievement with public or school service. See CJSF homepage for ideas & links to some volunteer opportunities close to home.

What are the benefits of CJSF membership?

CJSF Semester Members can attend all semester meetings.
CJSF Honor Members:   Students who qualify for CJSF for ALL 3 semesters during 7th & 8th grade will be promoted "With Honors" at 8th grade promotion.  All CJSF Honor Members receive a CJSF gold pin that they can wear to Promotion, a gold seal on their Promotion Certificate, an asterisk (*) next to their name in the Promotion Program, will have their school records marked with CJSF, and they will be accepted as an Associate Member in CSF (the high school California Scholarship Federation) during their Freshman year and able to attend CSF meetings instead of having to wait until their sophomore year.  

When do students apply?

8TH GRADERS:  Your Fall membership application is due in September and is based on your previous Spring semester grades.  Check the Important Dates section in the right margin of the CJSF webpage.  No late applications can be accepted.  Don't forget to apply again in January for the SPRING SEMESTER of your 8th grade year using your Fall grades.
7TH GRADERS:  The first time that you can apply for CJSF membership is in your 7th grade year after your FALL SEMESTER grades have been posted in Infinite Campus at the end of January.  Check the Important Dates section of the CJSF webpage.  Then apply again in Sept of your 8th grade year and a 3rd time in January of your 8th grade year.
6TH GRADERS are not eligible for CJSF.  
 Applications are available on the CJSF webpage in the left-hand margin.


  • Wait for previous semester grades to post in Infinite Campus.
  • Fill out the CJSF APPLICATION (link is in the left margin of this webpage).  Submit the application ONLINE ONLY with a PDF of your previous semester grades (instructions on how to access your grades are on the CJSF website). No printed grade reports will be accepted - they must be added to your CJSF Google Form application. CJSF also asks for  $5 for  membership dues.  Drop it off in the IHS office, to Mrs. Gonzales, or at one of the meetings by the end of the qualifying  semester (listed above & on the CJSF application).
    • optional $5 membership fee pays for IHMS's CJSF Annual State Membership fees, gold seals for promotion certificates, CJSF Honor Member pins, and club supplies.  A $5  check should be made payable to Iron Horse Middle School with CJSF written on the Memo line.
  • You cannot apply for any semesters that you missed application due dates in the past.


Fall 2022 CJSF membership is for current  8th grade students only using Spring Semester 2021 grades.
7th graders must wait until Jan/Feb and apply for Spring semester membership. 
6th graders are not eligible for CJSF.
8th graders may apply both semesters.

To qualify for membership each semester, follow these guidelines:

  • The only courses that qualify for membership are Math, Science, English, History/Social Studies.
  • No points are earned for PE, a remedial or repeated course, summer school, or electives like Robotics, Video Production, Band, or Leadership.
  • CJSF points are granted as follows:
         A     =       3 points
         B      =      1 point
         C      =      0 points
         D/F   =      will disqualify membership if received in ANY class.
  • You must earn TWICE the number of points than courses that meet the requirements.
  • (ex: 4 Qualifying courses x 2 = 8; 8 points are required for the semester).  If you meet this requirement, you are eligible for CJSF membership for that semester only.
If you meet the grade requirements, please use the google form link. This is the only form you will need to submit for this application cycle.
You are automatically a semester member if you meet the requirements AND submit an application.
Remember you need 3 semesters of CJSF membership to become a CJSF HONOR MEMBER.  


Your goal should be to become a CJSF HONOR MEMBER which is  3 out of 3 semesters during your 7th & 8th grade years.  If you accomplish this, you will be an "Honor Member" and will get:
  • a CJSF Honor member pin to wear at 8th Grade Promotion
  • an asterisk (*) next to your name in the 8th Grade Promotion Program
  • a gold seal on your Promotion Certificate
  • your school records will be marked CJSF and you will be eligible to apply for CSF at your high school your freshman year instead of having to wait until your sophomore year.
If you have questions, please have your STUDENT email the CJSF Coordinator, Mrs. Gonzales at


 CJSF members must volunteer at least 5 hours each semester to attend the End of the Year party in May.


* Volunteer Logs for the Fall semester must be completed & turned into the IHMS office by the due date. *


 Your volunteer hours may include work at home for a teacher, librarian or community service member.  There are a bunch of volunteer ideas & opportunities in the right margin of the CJSF webpage along with links.  But these are not all inclusive - be creative, help people & HAVE FUN!  You cannot include any activities that are required as part of a class or as part of Leadership. 
 Unfortunately, CJSF or IHMS is unable to reimburse for any supplies or costs related to volunteering so please make sure you are aware of any upfront costs before you volunteer.  Other than the animal shelters, there is rarely a cost associated with volunteering.
Volunteer ideas:
  •  East Bay SPCA - there is a cost to this one
  •  Food Bank of Contra Costa County
  • Crayon Initiative
  •  Fundraising events at elementary, middle and high school.  Go to that school's website. (ie:  Twin Creeks Elementary)
  • Buy or make cookies for the fire dept, police department, hospital (call them first to make sure they can accept donations of food)
  • Peer Tutoring - see counselor Jenny Bassett  at Iron Horse for peer tutoring opportunities.
  • Babysit or tutor a neighbor (no family) for free

Please see Mrs. Gonzales in the CMR (next door to the Band Room) if you have any questions.  


How to Access Semester Grades off INFINITE CAMPUS: 

(Semester 1 Grades)       -For CJSF Spring Semester Application 

  • Log onto the San Ramon Valley Unified School District website and scroll down to the Infinite Campus Portal Login box (left side of the page). (
  • Click on the Infinite Campus Portal Login tab. 
  • Log in. 
  • Click on “Select A Student” tab and select your student. 
  • Click on "Documents" tab (located on the left side of the screen). 
  • Click on "Portal Transcript”.  This page displays the student report card for this semester.  (CJSF SPRING SEMESTER APPLICATION requires the SEMESTER 1 Grade Report). 
  • Take a photo of  this page and upload to the online membership application.