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Student Activities Information

IHMS Student Clubs 2022-23

IHMS Student Clubs 2022-23

Anime Club
- Advisor: Kaitlyn Labrie
- President: Dania Nanez + Beckett Hurrey
- Times: Every Monday
- Room: Room 207
Astronomy and Aerospace Club
- Advisor: Garrett Tsang
- President: Prathik Prasanna
- Times: Every other Thursday (when Technology Club isn’t using the room)
- Room: Mr. Tsang’s classroom

California Junior Scholarship Federation
- Advisor: Lynette Gonzales
- President: Moksha Pedaballi
- Times: One to two times a month; check CJSF schoology group page & bulletin
- Room: CMR

Christian Club
- Advisor: Jeanette Brown
- President: Samantha Kritzer + Marala Flores
- Times: Every Thursday
- Room: IMR

Fashion and Design
- Advisor: Brian Rouillard
- President: Elise Jerozal
- Times: Last Tuesdays of the monthFUTURE MEETING CLUB DATES
- Room: Room 201

- Advisors: Nevins, Raines, Pratt
- President: Brynn Long-Greeley
- Times: Every Other Tuesday 3-4
- Room: 102

Guardians of the Planet Club
- Advisor: Shawn Armstrong
- President: Sumedha Krishnaprasad
- Times: 3-4 times a month
- Room: Room 209

Reading Club (Schedule here)
- Advisor: Gloria Slack, Alicia Martin, Garrett Tsang
- President: Olivia Guzman
- Times: Every Monday
- Room: Alternates between PT-11 (when Mrs. Martin or Ms. Slack are hosting) and 200
(when Mr. Tsang is hosting)
Science Olympiad
- Advisor: Shawn Armstrong
- President: Titus Ko
- Times: Last Tuesday of every month
- Room: Room 209

Speed Cubing Club
- Advisor: Anne Kim
- President: Jaidon Lin
- Vice President: Sirseelan Mugilan
- Times: Every Monday
- Room: Room 204
Stress Relief
- Advisor: Sarah Laake
- President: Sanaz Durrani
- Times: Every other Wednesday
- Room: Room 109
12. Technology Club
- Advisor: Doug Wartenberg + Garrett Tsang
- President: Varshith Gude
- Times: Every other Tuesday with Mr. Wartenberg + every other Thursday with Mr. Tsang
- Room: Room 106 + Mr. Tsang’s classroom
War of Words Club
- Advisor: Gloria Slack
- President: Moksha Pedaballi + Aditi Vinapamula
- Times: Every other Thursday
- Room: PT-11
Diversity Club/No Place for Hate
- Advisor: Charlotte Vaughns
- President: Laneya Waiters
- Times: Every other Thursday after school
- Room: PT-7
Homework Club
- Advisor: Ajeeta Chaudhri
- President:
- Times: Every Monday and Thursday 2:50-3:50pm
- Room: Library


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